Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail

The Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail is a 4.5 kilometer multi-use recreational trail that extends from Jackson Park in the City of Peterborough to just west of Ackison Road in Selwyn Township.

Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail
Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail

Otonabee Conservation  purchased the abandoned Canadian National Railway Company rail line that provides the route for the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail in 1992. The rail bed provided an excellent base for the trail that was further enhanced by a layer of limestone screenings, creating a solid, wide, elevated surface affording accessibility and an excellent view of the surrounding landscape. Included in the acquisition were four railroad bridges that cross Jackson Creek at various locations.

This recreational trail provides opportunities for walking, running, dog walking and cycling in the summer months, and cross-country skiing in the winter, with nature viewing enjoyed throughout the seasons.


The original creation of the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail is the result of five different agencies working in partnership for the benefit of the community. Otonabee Conservation’s purchase of the abandoned C.N. rail line, together with the support of the Kiwanis Club of Peterborough, the Otonabee Conservation Foundation, the City of Peterborough, and the Province of Ontario, all helped to make this project a reality.

With great community enthusiasm and support, the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail was officially opened and recognized as a section of the Trans Canada Trail in June, 1995.

Over the years, community volunteers have assisted Otonabee Conservation in the repair and resurfacing of the bridges that cross over Jackson Creek. To all of the volunteers ~ thank you ~ your support is greatly appreciated!


Jackson Creek
Jackson Creek

There is much to see along the trail as you leave Jackson Park and proceed west. You will pass through upland forested areas, large open agricultural areas, lowlands, wooded valley slopes, and a large wetland before reaching the end at Ackison Road. Each one of these areas contains its own unique and interesting habitat and associated plants and wildlife.

The main feature along the entire length of the trail, disappearing occasionally behind the forest, is Jackson Creek. The creek is largely responsible for the abundance of diverse plant and animal life, providing for optimum viewing opportunities along the entire length of the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail. Enjoy your time on the trail!


The Jackson Creek weir is an important water control structure, designed to reduce the potential flooding of the creek downstream. Constructed in 1988, the weir is strategically placed to take advantage of the natural storage capacity of the wetland while allowing the same volume of water to pass through the weir as under normal conditions. During flood events the weir holds back high flows as designed, protecting areas downstream. The weir can be seen from Bridge #2209. Further upstream there are log ice booms, which protect the weir from potential ice jamming and related damage during the winter/spring runoff period.


The results of an engineering inspection – of all four bridges along the Jackson Creek Trail – concluded that Bridge #2017 (most westerly bridge) was found to be in poor condition and was recommended for replacement. The principle concern is with deteriorating bridge abutments and wing walls. The inspecting engineers recommended that “the bridge be closed to vehicular traffic immediately”. Otonabee Conservation subsequently placed concrete barriers to prohibit vehicular traffic and posted the bridge closed for vehicular traffic. Pedestrian traffic continues.

In May 2015, Otonabee Conservation contracted for a geo-technical investigation to be undertaken at Bridge #2017. In 2016, a conceptual design and cost estimate for replacing the bridge was prepared.

In April 2017, a pothole and the displacement of soil along the side of the trail in the vicinity of Bridge #2017 was observed. The hole was subsequently filled and the affected side of the trail has been fenced off.

Finally, the results of a November 2016 bridge inspection recommends that bridge #2017 be replaced within 1 year. The estimated cost to replace Bridge #2017 is $212,000 plus design costs and HST.

Bridge #2017 continues to remain open to pedestrian traffic, but closed to vehicular traffic.



The Great Trail – Trans Canada Trail – was completed in 2017. Trail sections are owned, operated and maintained by national agencies, provincial authorities, local organizations and municipalities across Canada. The Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail links sections to the east and to the west, through the County and City of Peterborough. A national celebration of the trail was held on Saturday, August 26th. Otonabee Conservation invited the community to celebrate The Great Trail and dedicated a Red Maple on the occasion.

Dedication of a Red Maple Tree commemorating The Great Trail, August 2017
Dedication of a Red Maple Tree commemorating The Great Trail, August 2017

“We dedicate this Red Maple tree to all citizens who enjoy the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail and all other sections of The Great Trail across Canada, and to those agencies and community organizations who have championed the cause of the Great Trail in their region, deepening our awareness of Canada’s history, culture and natural heritage.”

~~~ Sherry Senis, Deputy-Mayor of the Township of Selwyn and Vice-Chair of the Board, Otonabee Conservation





A map of the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail is provided for your reference. You may download the map by selecting it from the Downloads feature on this page.