Millbrook Dam Reconstruction

Otonabee Conservation is set to embark upon a major capital  project with the reconstruction of the Millbrook Dam.

The Board of Directors of Otonabee Conservation approved the awarding of a construction contract to Facca Incorporated at it regular meeting, held Thursday, October 19, 2017.

Pictured above is a rendering of the new design for the Millbrook Dam.

The floor of the spillway has been designed to address geo-technical issues of the site; these design features will not be visible to the viewer as they are below ground and underwater.

The weir will be a u-shaped weir with outside wall dimensions of 5 meters by 16 meters by 5 meters.

The spillway will be 12 meters wide.

The size and water level of the mill pond will remain the same as present and the waterfall sights and sounds will be very similar to existing conditions.

The approach being taken to care for the water will involve the installation of a coffer dam. The coffer dam will direct water through a channel to be built where the steel penstock is presently situated. Construction of the spillway will take place in a single phase.

Construction is expected to begin in December, 2017 and be completed by December, 2018. During the construction period the pond level will be lowered by one meter. Project updates will be posted periodically.

The chronology of the various phases of this project may be found in the Chronology of the Millbrook Dam section.