TD Tree Days ~ Greening where we live

Thanks to the efforts of over 50 volunteers, over 100 new trees and shrubs were planted on Saturday, September 23rd at Isabel Morris Park in Lakefield. It was all part of the annual TD Tree Days, a program of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, with the support of Otonabee Conservation.

The trees and shrubs planted at the municipal park will provide shade for people, and habitat for wildlife. Native species of plants were used exclusively and included Dogwood, Nannyberry, Ninebark, Potentilla, Honey Locust and Red Maple. Otonabee Conservation staff were on site to support the planting and discuss the benefits of native plants for habitat enhancement projects such as this that help to green a community.

“Enhancing municipal greenspace is great way to increase local biodiversity,” explained Meredith Carter, Manager of the Watershed Management Program at Otonabee Conservation.   “Trees and shrubs provide food and shelter for a variety of wildlife. The species selected for this project were chosen to diversify the existing plant community and provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators, which is increasingly important as efforts continue to support restore healthy pollinator populations.”

“Ensuring that there is shade for park users is also becoming a key component of municipal parks as people have a greater awareness of the dangers of sun exposures,” added Mike Richardson, Manager of Parks and Recreation Services for the Township of Selwyn.

“The day was a great success”, stated Stephanie Tompkins, local TD Branch Manager and volunteer Site Leader for the TD Tree Day event at Isabel Morris Park. “TD and community volunteers had a great time and did an amazing job, which speaks well of the commitment of our local TD staff, their families and community to improving our local environment through TD Tree Days.”

person planting a seedling spruce tree