Otonabee Conservation Releases 2018 Watershed Report Card

The latest set of Conservation Authority watershed report cards are being released today across the province. The 2018 Otonabee Conservation report indicates that the state of natural resources in the local watershed region – surface water quality, forest cover, groundwater and wetlands – continue to be graded as excellent to fair. Using data from several… Read More >

Successful Fish Rescue at Millbrook Dam

Otonabee Conservation staff and volunteers, with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, rescued and released over 800 fish, crayfish and frogs that were caught in a pool of water at the base of the Millbrook Dam spillway. This pool was being dewatered to permit the reconstruction of the spillway as part… Read More >

New Road Signs Identify Municipal Drinking Water Protection Zones

New road signs identifying drinking water protection zones have been installed across Ontario, and can be seen locally on municipal roads in the Otonabee-Peterborough Source Protection Area (O-P SPA). The distinctive blue on white metal signs which read, ‘Drinking Water Protection Zone’ mark locations where municipal drinking water sources are the most vulnerable to contamination…. Read More >