Siemens Canada, Tree Canada, & Otonabee Conservation partner to enhance habitat

This fall, Otonabee Conservation planted 78 native trees and shrubs at the Siemens Canada plant in Peterborough on September 30, 2020, in partnership with Tree Canada and Siemens Canada. Employees from Siemens Canada in Peterborough and Otonabee Conservation will plant a variety of native species of trees and shrubs, including red oak, red maple, nannyberry,… Read More >

Otonabee Conservation celebrates National Forest Week by planting 5,690 trees and shrubs this fall

This Fall, National Forest Week is celebrated from September 20-26, 2020. Each year, National Forest Week encourages Canadians to learn more about our forest heritage and increases awareness about the value of forests as a fundamental part of our culture, traditions, economy, and history. The benefits of trees are widely known. Planting trees helps regulate temperatures… Read More >