Fleming Partnership Provides Practical Experience

A partnership between Otonabee Conservation and Fleming College has resulted in the clearing of two hydro power lines at the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground.

“This was a great partnership opportunity that allowed us to complete vegetation maintenance work on the power lines that service the campground while providing Fleming College students with practical experience,” said Jessie James, Manager of the Conservation Lands Program for Otonabee Conservation.

For four days this week [November 12 – 16, 2018] staff from Otonabee Conservation were joined by 60 students in the Fleming College Arboriculture Program as well as three Fleming technicians and Joe Outram, Program Coordinator, to clear vegetation (trees, tree limbs and shrubs) that was interfering with the hydro lines.

As James explained, “Regular, preventive maintenance is necessary to minimize electrical hazards to park users and staff and reduce the incidence of power outages caused by interference with vegetation, which could disrupt service to the campground. With safety a priority, this work is done when the campground is closed for the season.”


“Partnerships are a win-win for both the property owner and our students. The students gain first hand experience in real world situations. While at the Warsaw Caves, they developed their skills in safe tree climbing techniques, pruning, tree removal and line clearing as well as the operation of all the equipment that is involved in a project involving power lines,” explained Outram.

“This is a great example of how partnerships with our post-secondary institutions work to strengthen and benefit the students and the community,” added James.

The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground has been in operation since 1964 and attracts over 30,000 visitors each year to enjoy hiking, cave exploration and camping. The area is located in the valley of the Indian River, in the Township of Douro-Dummer.