2017 Environmental Excellence Awards

2017 Environmental Excellence Award – Stewardship
Presented to Peterborough Junior Field Naturalists

The Environmental Excellence Stewardship Award is presented to the members of the the Peterborough Junior Field Naturalists.

This energetic and passionate group of youth, aged 5 to 12, led by Ms. Lara Griffin, have spent hours outdoors, being involved with conservation projects that help make our watershed healthier.

The junior field naturalists participated in the Yellow Fish Road storm drain marking program in the city of Peterborough, helping to raise awareness about water quality protection.

They have planted trees in the Township of Douro-Dummer, learning about the importance of healthy forest ecosystems. And the Peterborough Junior Field Naturalists planted an impressive pollinator garden at the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area.

Congratulations All!

Accepting the Environmental Excellence Award for Stewardship on behalf of the members of the Peterborough Junior Field Naturalists is Lara Griffin. Lara is joined by Andy Mitchell, Chair (L) and Sherry Senis, Vice-Chair of the Board (R).

2017 Environmental Excellence Award – Partnership
Presented to Mike Richardson

The Environmental Excellence Partnership Award recognizes the contributions of a municipal employee who has made positive contributions to advancing our goal of creating a healthier watershed.

Mike Richardson’s participation in conservation projects within the Township of Selwyn has included the protection of shoreline habitat, the installation of turtle nesting sites, the creation of pollinator gardens, the ongoing maintenance of the rain garden and bio-retention area for stormwater management and the Imagine the Marsh Conservation Area project

Mike’s efforts to assist Otonabee Conservation staff with various logistics, speak with landowners about the projects, and identify new projects is appreciated.

Mike is a conservation Ambassador for Selwyn Township and Otonabee Conservation.

Environmental Excellence Award Partnership presented to Mike Richardson by Sherry Senis (L) Vice-Chair and Andy Mitchell (R), Chair of the Board.

2017 Environmental Excellence Award – Business
Presented to General Electric Canada (Peterborough) and BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Volunteers

Recognizing a business that has made a significant contribution to projects or programs of Otonabee Conservation, thereby advancing our vision of a healthy watershed, is the focus of the Environmental Excellence Business Award.

Accepting the Environmental Excellence Business Award on behalf of the volunteers of General Electric Canada Peterborough and BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada is Yvonne O’Brien.

Volunteers from within the GE Motors, the BWXT Nuclear Divisions and the Women’s Network have been actively involved with several conservation projects over the years.

The shoreline and trail sites where their assistance in conservation work was very much appreciated included James Stevenson Park, Millennium Park, and Medical Drive as well as Isabel Morris Park in Selwyn Township and along the Rotary Trail in Peterborough.

Environemental Excellence Business Award presented to General Electric Canada (Peterborough) and BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada volunteers Daryl Bennett (L), Director, Andy Mitchell, Chair and Sherry Senis (R), Vice-Chair of Otonabee Conservation to Yvonne O’Brien. 

Environmental Excellence Award – Conservationist
Presented to Barbara Elliot

The Environmental Excellence Conservationist Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates leadership and inspires others to understand and become engaged citizens in the stewardship of our natural environment.

The 2017 award recipient is Barbara Elliot.

Barbara is a Professor in the Ecosystem Management Program at the School of Environmental and Natural Resources Science at Fleming College.

Barbara is considered Otonabee Conservation’s expert in residence in the area of taxonomy and identification of benthic macro invertebrates.

During the past several field seasons, Barbara’s involvement has supported the Watershed Health Monitoring program, and the Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network Bio-criteria Research Project in which Otonabee Conservation participates.

Environmental Excellence Award – Conservationist presented to Barbara Elliot by Karl Moher (L), Director, Andy Mitchell, Chair and Sherry Senis (R), Vice-Chair of the Board.