2021 Environmental Excellence Awards

Individual Conservationist Award

Cameron Douglas, KPRDSB

Cameron Douglas has been an educator for over 20 years. Cam is the founder and program director of the Youth Leadership in Sustainability Program (widely known as the YLS program), an innovative new educational program that prepares secondary students for leadership roles in pursuing sustainability at the local and global levels.

In partnership with Otonabee Conservation, Cam has engaged his students in a variety of activities related to the environment and sustainability. His classes have participated in planting projects to naturalize the shorelines around several stormwater management ponds in the City of Peterborough. They have learned about water quality monitoring, stormwater management, and assisted in the completion of the restoration of a gravel pit by planting native trees.  Since 2018, Cam and his students have planted over 3,000 native trees and shrubs in partnership with Otonabee Conservation.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cam has supported the activities of Otonabee Conservation and engaged his class in experiential learning opportunities, with all the necessary PPE and COVID-19 precautions in place.  This level of engagement and opportunity has provided important learning and leadership opportunities for his students and has contributed to the enhancement of our watershed environment. 

Environmental Stewardship Award

Peterborough Trailbuilders Association, presented to the Chair, Gordon Wilson

The Peterborough Trailbuilders Association is a volunteer run, membership-based organization, devoted to trail maintenance and development in the Peterborough area.

The PTA have dedicated many hours of time from countless volunteers to enhance and maintain natural surface trails for non-motorized uses, in and around the Peterborough and surrounding area. A majority of their work is focused at Harold Town Conservation Area and the Ganaraska Forest.

In 2018, the PTA and Otonabee Conservation formed an official partnership to maintain and develop the trails at Harold Town, with the goal of building on and maintaining the existing trail network.

Since 2018, the PTA have facilitated the construction of serval new trails including, ‘Hot Breakfast’, ‘Gee Wiliker’ and ‘The Face’. Additionally, the PTA has completed improvements to numerous pre-existing trails at the site.

Together, the PTA and Otonabee Conservation collaborate to ensure that each trail at Harold Town is carefully planned to be part of the larger trail network.

The PTA organize and lead monthly volunteer trail building and maintenance sessions throughout the year, ensuring that the trails at Harold Town stay in optimal shape for various user types, including mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, walkers, snowshoers, and nature enthusiasts.

Conservation Partnership Award

Ian Boland, City of Peterborough

Ian Boland worked at Otonabee Conservation starting in 2012. His path towards environmental excellence was evident when he started at Otonabee Conservation. Much of his time at Otonabee Conservation was focused on technical review and his aptitude for project work and moving the yardstick forward, was apparent. One thing that stood out was his vision around and commitment to improving the floodplain mapping information available in the watershed.

Ian was instrumental in developing the Otonabee Conservation Board-approved, Strategy for the Acquisition and Management of the Floodplain Mapping, an implementation plan that provided the basis to aggressively seek funding for future mapping projects through the National Disaster Mitigation Program. He was also instrumental in the Byersville Creek Floodplain Mapping Project, was a Flood Duty Officer, and continues to be Otonabee Conservation’s back-up Flood Duty Officer in case of an emergency situation during the pandemic.

In Ian’s current role as the City’s Senior Watershed Project Manager, he is spearheading the Watershed Plan and Harper Creek Sub-watershed Study.

Ian is also a key person helping with the City’s climate change adaptation projects particularly as it concerns how to adapt to the risks from flooding, drought, and extreme heat due to a changing climate. He is also one of the leads on securing funding for innovative climate action projects, like piloting a smart rain barrel grid for lot-level control of stormwater, and a home energy efficiency retrofit program envisioned to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the community through home heating.

Ian is involved in many community initiatives related to water, stormwater, and watershed management including the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods program, Advancing Sustainable Development Goals, and Stormwater Pond Planting projects. Ian continues to work collaboratively with Otonabee Conservation and share his expertise and knowledge with the watershed community.

Business Award

Wild Rock Outfitters, presented to owner, Scott Murison

The Environmental Excellence Award for Business recognizes a business that has made a significant contribution to Otonabee Conservation projects or programs, advancing our vision of a healthy watershed.

Wild Rock Outfitters is a small privately owned store for outdoor enthusiasts offering equipment, supplies, workshops, and resources for community members to, “Get out and Play!”. They have been operating in the Peterborough community for over 25 years encouraging cycling, paddling, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking – all activities that you can participate in at our local Conservation Areas.

Scott and Kieran work tirelessly to promote tourism in our region and have contributed to The Authority’s programs in many ways.

In 2019 Wild Rock provided a significant contribution towards the construction of Harold Town Conservation Area’s newest trail, known as, “The Face”. They regularly coordinates clinics and events at Harold Town Conservation Area, catering to the local mountain biking community and encouraging new riders to the sport.