Climate Change Report Card

Otonabee Conservation releases their first Climate Change Report Card after publishing Climate Change Strategy last year

One year after publishing their Climate Change Strategy, Otonabee Conservation has released our first Climate Change Report Card summarizing our progress of implementing the Strategy in 2021.

The Otonabee Conservation Climate Change Strategy includes four goals: Educate, Adapt, Mitigate, and Implement. Each goal identifies objectives and a series of specific actions that will be undertaken to implement the strategy. Targets are also identified to measure progress, and to document the implementation of the strategy. We measure our progress annually in a Report Card format and will share it with the watershed community.

“Climate change is one of our most pressing issues. Its impacts are being felt globally due to forest fires, flooding, drought, disease, famine, and extreme weather, which have created environmental, social, economic, and public health challenges,” explains Otonabee Conservation’s CAO, Dan Marinigh, “Our Climate Change Strategy is a step towards minimizing our carbon footprint and identifying tangible actions that will translate to positive results in mitigating our impact.”

The 2021 Climate Change Report Card tracks the Conservation Authority’s annual progress of implementing the Climate Change Strategy and provides examples of the actions taken in 2021.

Highlights from 2021 Climate Change Report Card:

  • Work From Home Policy and Agreements adopted and approved; laptops, VOIP, VPN issued for all staff to facilitate remote work options
  • Adoption of paperless practices including online forms for Hunting Permits, Property Inquiries, and Clean Water Act Notice Applications
  • Completion of an emissions inventory including waste and energy-use audits in partnership with Green Economy Peterborough; founding member of Green Economy Peterborough
  • Conversion to LED lighting commenced during office renovations in 2021
  • Climate change targets included in staff performance objectives and workplans
  • Green Team formed to advise on climate initiatives and sustainable actions in the workplace
  • Climate change information added to education programs and presentations including Envirothon, Yellow Fish Road, Spring Water Awareness Program, and Peterborough Children’s Water Festival

“Otonabee Conservation is known for our environmental education programs, tree planting, our conservation areas and trails, flood forecasting alerts, and our role in land use planning,” Explains Otonabee Conservation’s Manager of Environmental Programs, Meredith Carter, “Our work is very clearly linked to mitigating climate change, but our Climate Change Strategy goes further to set targets that allow us to reduce our impact as an organization; our annual report card allows us to view our progress, and stay on track.”

For more information contact:
Karen Halley | Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Otonabee Conservation | 705-745-5791 ext. 224