Watershed Planning and Regulations

Otonabee Conservation has approved a comprehensive set of policies to guide land use planning and development in the Otonabee Region watershed. The “Watershed Planning and Regulation Policy Manual” describes in plain language the scope of Otonabee Conservation’s planning mandate, advisory and regulatory responsibilities and clearly outlines what is required when planning applications and development proposals come before the Authority for approval.

Otonabee Conservation is committed to articulating its program and policy interests and working collaboratively with partners and clients. Having watershed planning and regulation policies in place that are reflective of current policy, easy to understand and defensible offers a vital foundation for protecting the features and functions of the Otonabee Region watershed, while guiding sound development and promoting sustainable communities.

This Watershed Planning and Regulation Policy Manual reflects the entire suite of planning and regulation policies. This document explains the mandate of the Conservation Authority under both the Conservation Authorities Act and under the Planning Act.

This document provides information and guidance and has been developed to:

  • Consolidate all watershed planning and regulatory policies of Otonabee Conservation in one place.
  • Provide watershed municipalities with a clear understanding of Otonabee Conservation’s role, mandate, responsibilities and requirements regarding permit and planning applications and at the same time, offer an updated, comprehensive and complete set of watershed planning and regulatory policies that can be incorporated into Official Plans and Zoning By-laws.
  • Provide applicants and their agents, private landowners and special interest groups with a clear understanding of Otonabee Conservation’s role, mandate, responsibilities and requirements regarding permit applications and planning applications.
  • Provide Otonabee Conservation staff with a single document against which to review permit applications and provide planning advisory services to its municipal partners.

In 2015, the Watershed Planning and Regulations Policy Manual was updated to reflect changes in legislation, provincial policy and best practices. The updates were approved by the Board of Directors on December 4, 2015. The Policy Manual can be viewed by selecting the following:

ORCA Watershed Planning & Regulation Policy Manual (2015 Update)

Appendix G – Environmental Impact Study – Terms of Reference

Appendix H – Large Fill Guidelines

  • Little Creek
  • Jackson Creek