Flood Watch Update | March 31, 2021


Message # 2021-06 
Issued: 1:45 p.m., Wednesday March 31, 2021

FLOOD WATCH-UPDATE issued for all waterbodies/watercourses in the Otonabee Region watershed

Issued to: Municipalities of Selwyn, Douro-Dummer, Asphodel-Norwood, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Cavan Monaghan, City of Kawartha Lakes, City of Peterborough and Trent Hills, and Otonabee Conservation’s other partners in flood emergency management.

A FLOOD WATCH is issued to alert municipalities and residents that flood conditions are a possibility.

Current Conditions

The combination of warm and wet weather is thawing the ground and releasing the snowpack in the area north of the Kawartha Lakes (i.e., Haliburton Lakes/Reservoir Lakes Region). This is important to residents and businesses located along the shores of the Kawartha Lakes, Otonabee River, Rice Lake and Trent River (i.e., Trent-Severn Waterway) because northern waterbodies/watercourses are hydrologically connected to the Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW). 

Forecasted Conditions

As the Kawartha Lakes receive increasing inflows from the Haliburton Lakes/Reservoir Lakes Region, water in the Kawartha Lakes is being shifted eastward from Balsam, Cameron and Sturgeon Lakes to the Tri-Lakes (Buckhorn, Chemong and Pigeon) to Stony/Clear Lakes and to Lake Katchewanooka before being moved southward via the Otonabee River, Rice Lake and Trent River to Lake Ontario. As a result, water levels on the Kawartha Lakes located within the Otonabee Region watershed (i.e., Tri-Lakes, Lake Katchewanooka and all Kawartha Lakes in-between) will continue to rise throughout the weekend and into next week. The flow of the Otonabee River will also continue to increase. Rice Lake is expected to stabilize at its current level.

The Otonabee Region watershed has also been experiencing warm and wet conditions, causing high water levels/flows in the Ouse River, Indian River and Otonabee River watersheds. Rainfall run-off is also causing ponding in areas with poor drainage, and inundation of low-lying roads, trails and pathways adjacent to swelling wetlands. These hazardous conditions are forecasted to continue throughout the weekend and into next week.


With this message, Otonabee Conservation is advising all area residents to:

  1. Immediately prepare themselves for possible flooding;
  2. Keep away from all waterbodies/watercourses and water control/conveyance structures (e.g., dams, culverts and bridges);
  3. Stay clear of anywhere that water can be seen to be accumulating and ponding;
  4. Do not travel on roads, trails or pathways that are inundated with water; and,
  5. Obey all warning signs. Do not cross barriers that have been erected to direct people and/or vehicles out of harm’s way.

Area water information can be monitored on-line at:

  1. Trent-Severn Waterway’s Water Management InfoNet
  2. Water Survey of Canada Real-Time Hydrometric Data 
  3. Otonabee Conservation Precipitation and Water Level Data

This FLOOD WATCH – UPDATE message will expire Wednesday, April 07, 2021.

For more information, please contact:
Gord Earle | Flood Forecasting & Warning Duty Officer | 705-745-5791 x 214
250 Milroy Drive, Peterborough, ON K9H 7M9
orcafloodduty@otonabeeconservation.com | Flood Watch Hotline 705-745-5791 x 228