Flood Watch now in Effect for the entire region

Otonabee Conservation has issued a Flood Watch to alert residents and businesses located along the shores of the region’s lakes, rivers, streams and creeks that flood conditions are a possibility.

A multi-day precipitation event starting Thursday (April 12, 2018) and continuing through Monday (April 16, 2018) will bring a mixture of rain (which could be heavy at times), freezing rain and snow. The forecasted precipitation amounts over the period are in the range of 75 mm to 100 mm.

Due to the amount of rainfall over the 5 days, water levels and flows in all lakes, rivers and streams will rise significantly. There is a potential for nuisance or minor flooding in low lying areas on all local lakes, rivers and streams. As a minimum, the forecasted rainfall amounts will result in higher than  normal water levels and flows creating potentially hazardous conditions.

Otonabee Conservation  advises area residents to keep away from all watercourses/waterbodies, dams, culverts and bridges and to stay clear of anywhere that water can be seen ponding.

The Flood Watch message will remain in effect until Monday afternoon, April 16, 2018.