Flood Watch | Oct. 15, 2021


Message # 2021-14 

Issued:   10:00 a.m., Friday October 15, 2021

Subject: FLOOD WATCH issued for all waterbodies/watercourses in the Otonabee Region watershed.

Issued to: Municipalities of Selwyn, Douro-Dummer, Asphodel-Norwood, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Cavan Monaghan, City of Kawartha Lakes, City of Peterborough and Trent Hills, and Otonabee Conservation’s other partners in flood emergency management.

A FLOOD WATCH is issued to alert municipalities and residents that flood conditions are a possibility.

Weather Forecast:  A moisture-laden, low-pressure center and associated cold front will pass across southern Ontario, this weekend. This system will also pull moisture into the Region from what was once Hurricane Pamela in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, it will be a cold and wet weekend. The system will bring widespread rain and possibly heavy downpours and isolated thunderstorms. The heaviest rains will occur overnight, Friday, October 15th, continuing into Saturday, diminishing to a chance of showers during Saturday afternoon. Local amounts of rain received over the next 24 to 36 hours are expected to be 30-50 mm. Amounts of 50+ mm and the potential for localized flooding are possible if heavy downpours and/or thunderstorms also occur.

Flood Threat:  Heavy downpours and/or thunderstorms can cause localized flooding and water pooling on roads and low-lying areas. As a minimum, higher than normal water levels and flows can be expected in our lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, and wetlands, especially in the vicinity of culverts and bridges. Higher than normal water levels and flows will continue over the weekend as the expected rainfall flushes through our waterways.

Residents are advised to be extremely cautious around all local lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks because shorelines/riverbanks will be slippery and could be undercut, and currents will be strong.  Road-side ditches, wetlands and other low-lying areas may experience unsafe ponding conditions. Dams and other water control/water conveyance structures are especially dangerous and should always be avoided.  

With this message, Otonabee Conservation is advising all area municipalities and residents to prepare themselves for possible flooding. Area water information can be monitored on-line at:

  1. Trent-Severn Waterway’s Water Management InfoNet
  2. Water Survey of Canada Real-Time Hydrometric Data 
  3. Otonabee Conservation Precipitation and Water Level Data

This FLOOD WATCH message will expire Monday, October 18, 2021, at 4 p.m. unless updated prior to this date and time.

For more information, please contact:

Gordon Earle | Flood Forecasting & Warning Duty Officer | 705-745-5791 x 214
250 Milroy Drive, Peterborough, ON K9H 7M9
orcafloodduty@otonabeeconservation.com | Flood Watch Hotline 705-745-5791 x 228