Floodplain Maps for Meade Creek are now available!

Otonabee Conservation releases floodplain maps for Meade Creek, including new online resources for residents

Otonabee Conservation is undertaking floodplain mapping projects in eight high priority areas within the Otonabee Region watershed. The latest project is now available for the Meade Creek sub-watershed, which is located on the eastern boundary of the City of Peterborough. A small portion of the creek, approximately nine km2, is located within the city boundaries while the rest is located in the Township of Douro-Dummer and the Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan.

A floodplain map shows where the floodplain is. Residents can search by their address, zoom in to see the floodline and see where it is in relation to their property.

During a flood, water levels rise; areas not normally covered by water may become inundated. This could be because of the land elevation, jams of ice and debris, and built development features, such as pavement and houses. Floodplain maps use data and technical models to predict the path of floodwaters—the area known as the floodplain.

It is important to remember that a floodplain map does not create a flooding hazard; it simply shows where the flooding will occur.

Flooding is one of the biggest natural hazards within the Meade Creek sub-watershed. This area has a history of flooding after high rainfall events. The Meade Creek floodplain maps allow residents and municipalities to better prepare for, and take action during flooding events. These new floodplain maps will serve three main purposes:

  • Provide people living along Meade Creek with information about potential flooding on their property;
  • Help municipalities and Otonabee Conservation to direct future development outside of the floodplain, to avoid loss of life and property damage, personal injury and stress; and,
  • Help identify areas where flooding may impact access to roads and emergency routes, so emergency responders can use alternate routes during flood events.

otonabeeconservation.com/programs/floodplain-mapping/meade-creek now features new online resources, including a Floodplain Mapping Fact Sheet, FAQs, and an interactive map, searchable by address, allowing residents to see the proximity of the floodline to their property.

Floodplain maps for North and South Kawartha Lakes were released in 2019. Otonabee Conservation is completing five more floodplain mapping projects over the next year: Curtis Creek, Lakefield, Norwood (Ouse River), Baxter Creek, and Jackson Creek.