Interpretive Signage Installed!

Interpretive signage has been installed beside the Needler’s Mill and adjacent to the Millbrook Dam in Millbrook, Ontario. This installation is the final touch added after the completion of the Millbrook Dam rehabilitation in 2019.

The Millbrook Historical Society contributed to the creation of this project by providing content and photos, highlighting the history of the Millbrook Dam, the mills in the Cavan and Millbrook area including Needler’s Mill, and the vital role mills have played in the development of the area.

The Millbook Valley Trails shared historical photos of Baxter Creek and the millpond to feature the longstanding importance of the pond to the Millbrook community as a gathering place to enjoy wildlife and recreational activities. 

The Friends of Hope Mill volunteers designed and built the wooden kiosk structure with local wood sawn and planed at their water-powered mill on the shores of the Indian River, adding a wonderful connection to the historical significance of mills; both Needler’s and Hope Mills were converted to saw mills in the mid 1900s. The kiosk is a work of craftmanship, and many volunteer hours were contributed to its creation.

Otonabee Conservation is grateful for all the generous contributions from the community to develop, build, and install the educational signage at Needler’s Mill, which can be enjoyed by residents and visitors to the millpond, dam, trails, and mill.