Naturalization planned for Towerhill Stormwater Pond

Naturalization is planned for the Towerhill stormwater management pond located near Barnardo Avenue, along the Parkway Trail.

Otonabee Conservation and local secondary school students will be planting a variety of trees and shrubs along the shoreline of the Towerhill stormwater management pond near Barnardo Avenue in Peterborough.  The planting will occur on October 28-30, 2020.  The planting area is outlined in red on the maps below:

The trees and shrubs selected for this project are native species, including Fragrant Sumac, Red Osier Dogwood, White Spruce, Shrub Willow, Elderberry, Snowberry, Serviceberry, Black Chokeberry, and Silky Dogwood. These species will provide a number of benefits including habitat for wildlife and stabilization of the shoreline.  The City of Peterborough is responsible for the ongoing management of the vegetation and the operation of the stormwater management pond.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this planting project, please contact:

Meredith Carter
Manager, Watershed Management Program
Otonabee Conservation
705-745-5791 ext. 223

Curtis Mei
Stormwater Systems Coordinator
Infrastructure and Planning Services | City of Peterborough
705-742-7777 ext. 1507