Trees planted at Brock Mission in support of those in need in our community

Over 300 native trees and shrubs are being planted at the Brock Mission in Peterborough, Ontario this week. The grounds at the newly built Brock Mission men’s shelter at 217 Murray Street is being planted with serviceberry, eastern redbud, tulip tree, red oak, white pine, honeylocust, fragrant sumac, and chokeberry.

Bill McNabb, Executive Director of Brock Mission, stands next to a garden bed planted with fragrant sumac and spring flurry serviceberry at the build site for the new Brock Mission

TD provided generous funding for this planting project as part of their commitment to supporting communities most vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19.

“The benefits of planting trees are widely known,” explains Dan Marinigh, CAO at Otonabee Conservation, “Being surrounded by trees can help mitigate stress, improve cardiovascular health, and enhance mental health. We are pleased to collaborate with TD and the Brock Mission to add this greenspace in support of some of our community’s most vulnerable people.”

“Too often the plan for greenspace in a project like ours gets eliminated due to financial pressures, so we are very grateful to Otonabee Conservation and TD for reaching out and ensuring that this integral part of our project is a reality,” explains Bill McNabb from Brock Mission, “We are excited to be able to offer a safe outdoor space for our residents that will be filled with native trees and shrubs.”

Otonabee Conservation organized several native tree plantings that took place throughout the fall, planting 5,690 trees that will sequester over 1.2 million kg of Carbon over their lifetime.

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Meredith Carter | Manager, Watershed Management Program
Otonabee Conservation | 705-745-3238 x223