Otonabee Conservation Releases 2018 Watershed Report Card

The latest set of Conservation Authority watershed report cards are being released today across the province. The 2018 Otonabee Conservation report indicates that the state of natural resources in the local watershed region – surface water quality, forest cover, groundwater and wetlands – continue to be graded as excellent to fair.

Using data from several provincial monitoring programs and standardized indicators, Conservation Authorities monitor and report on three resource categories: surface water quality, forest conditions and groundwater quality. The 2018 watershed report card also includes information on the state of wetlands in the watershed region and tips for residents on how they can help protect and enhance the health of the watershed environment.

“Local surface water resources received B and C grades indicating good to fair water quality; forest conditions resulted in grades from A to C suggesting excellent to poor; groundwater quality has remained consistent; and, wetland cover has increased slightly as reflected in better data”, stated Dan Marinigh, Chief Administrative Officer for Otonabee Conservation. “We will continue to work with our municipal and community partners and watershed residents to improve the health of our watershed, and are confident that the positive impact of our conservation efforts will be reflected in the next Watershed Report Card.”


“March 22 is World Water Day and one of the reasons we celebrate it is to bring attention to how important it is to protect our natural resources. We rely on surface and groundwater sources for drinking water, forest and wetlands for habitat and natural infrastructure, all of which support healthy communities,” added Marinigh.

Marinigh points out that challenges such as urbanization and climate change continue to impact the health and resiliency of watersheds. In order to plan how to protect these important resources, it’s critical to monitor conditions and then analyze them in order to find out what it’s telling us about changing conditions in local watersheds.

Conservation Authorities across Ontario work in partnership with local, provincial and federal governments, other agencies, landowners and residents to plan and deliver watershed management programs that strive to keep Ontario’s watersheds healthy. The watershed report cards can be used to target specific actions to address issues and improve conditions.

You may access the 2018 Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card here.

To find more information about the watershed report cards across the province visit www.watershedcheckup.ca