Please review our COVID-19 FAQs that will help you prepare for your visit to our Conservation Areas during the pandemic

Otonabee Conservation provides access for fishing at the following conservation areas and campgrounds. Day use entrance fees apply.

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground

Drop a line from the dock at the canoe launch or paddle a canoe down the Indian River from the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground (289 Caves Road, Warsaw, Ontario). The character of the river varies as it flows downstream toward the village of Warsaw. The variety of fish in the river includes perch, sunfish and smallmouth bass.

  • Canoe rentals (by the hour or by the day)
  • Boat launch (Non-motorized watercraft only)

Selwyn Beach Conservation Area

12th Line, Township of Selwyn, Ontario

Photo of launching a boat

Beavermead Campground

Beavermead Campground is situated on Little Lake in the heart of the City of Peterborough (2011 Ashburnham Drive).

  • Canoe and kayak rentals (by the hour or by the day)
  • Boat launch located in Beavermead Park (near the public parking area)
  • OFAH/OPG TackleShare Program – Simply sign out a rod and reel, as well as an assortment of tackle, in the same way that the you would borrow library material. For details, please visit the gatehouse.
  • Family Fishing Week: June 30 to July 8, 2018

Fishing Licences and Regulations

All Ontario residents between 18 and 65 years of age require a fishing licence to legally fish in Ontario waters. The one exception to this rule is the licence –free period during Ontario Family Fishing Events – February 17 -19, 2018 and June 30 to July 8, 2018.

For details on how and where to purchase a fishing licence, please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

You should also be familiar with the provincial fishing regulations, which define seasons, catch limits on various species of fish and other matters. Refer to the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources for more information.

Fronto of boat fishing

The Otonabee Region watershed is situated within Fisheries Management Zone 17.

For information about fishing opportunities in other parts of Ontario, please visit Fish ON-Line.

River Flows and Your Safety

River flows can change throughout the season along the rivers and streams within the Otonabee Region watershed. Anglers need to be aware of the changes because, as flows increase, the waterways can become dangerous. Also, please be aware of where you are fishing in relation to Otonabee Conservation water control structures (dams, weirs).