Updated May 13, 2021

Conservation Areas, parks, and trails provide physical and mental health benefits and with your help, we would like to continue to provide access to these areas.

At this time, our Conservation Areas remain accessible from dawn until dusk for walking, hiking, birdwatching, and biking with no access outside these times.

We are asking visitors to abide by the following guidelines while visiting Conservation Areas, parks, and trails:

  1. If you are sick or if you have been in contact with someone that is sick, please stay home.
  2. If you arrive to a parking lot that is full, please move on. For safety reasons, do not park on the road.
  3. Limit the size of your group to the provincial protocol and only visit our Conservation Areas with people from your household.
  4. On the trails, in parking lots, and in all areas, be sure to practice physical distancing by maintaining at least 6ft/2m distance between yourself and others.
  5. Have your dog leashed at all times.
  6. Leave no trace when you visit our outdoor spaces. Please take all your garbage with you and help us keep our Conservation Areas clean.
  7. Camping is not allowed. Boat launches are closed for the season. No fires allowed.
  8. Be extra cautious when engaging in recreational activities to avoid injury and/or getting lost; help minimize the demands placed on our emergency services and health care system.
  9. Stay on marked trails to avoid coming into contact with poison ivy, disturbing sensitive vegetation and wildlife, and getting lost.
  10. Conduct a tick check as part of your regular routine once you get back home. Ticks are active when the temperature is above freezing.

This is an evolving situation. Check back for the most up to date information: