Climate Change Strategy Report Card 2021

The 2021 Climate Change Report Card report card tracks our annual progress of implementing the Climate Change Strategy and provides examples of our actions.

Our four Climate Change Strategy Goals are to Educate, Adapt, Mitigate, and Implement.

Click on the Goals below to view our progress with each Goal.





Under each Goal, we have listed the targets that we aim for. Each target is colour coded to display the level of progress that we have attained in 2021. Green means we have completed the target in 2021. Yellow means that the target is underway or ongoing. Grey means that we have not yet started working on the target.


In progress

Not Started

GOAL 1 | Educate

Add and maintain a climate change page to our website

Otonabee Conservation Climate Change Strategy is available online, now!

Make climate change a theme for social media posts

Model climate change actions and behaviours

ORCA Green Team formed to advise on organizational climate initiatives and sustainable actions in the workplace.

Review and amend job descriptions to include responsibilities related to climate change

Climate Change Strategy Targets included in 2022 staff performance objectives

Include climate change activities in workplans

Be an active participant on local climate change initiatives

Member of Peterborough Public Health Climate Change & Health Advisory Group

Member of Green Economy Hub Peterborough | membership fees added to budget

Facilitate discussions with Municipalities to share best practices, strategies, and measures

Support climate change initiatives undertaken by partner municipalities

Investigate options for undertaking climate change vulnerability assessments

Continue with data collection programs and enhance ability to manage and share data

Identify linkages between monitoring data and climate change impacts

Incorporate climate change messaging into all education programs and events

Climate change information added to education presentations and programs including:
Envirothon, Yellow Fish Road, Spring Water Awareness Program, Peterborough Children’s Water Festival Activity.

Develop public information products related to climate change impacts

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GOAL 2 | Adapt

Initiate a policy review process to identify opportunities to integrate climate change adaptation

Initiate program/service review to identify and integrate climate change adaptation

Review the Official Plan updates, Land Use Planning policies and documents and to include climate change considerations in our comments

Quantify the future impacts of climate change on floodplain mapping

Investigate partnership opportunities with municipalities and other partners to implement projects designed to reduce volume of water entering watercourses, and stormwater management facilities to prevent flooding

Investigate partnership opportunities with municipalities to require pre/post development water balance and site level stormwater management.

Collaborate with municipalities to develop design criteria to control and capture specific water volume and implement through Low Impact Development

Participate in development of appropriate design criteria for culverts, bridges, stormwater management, ponds and other infrastructure to reflect climate change impacts from runoff and extreme weather events

Collaborate with municipalities to establish new IDF curves that reflect future climate change impacts

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GOAL 3 | Mitigate

Schedule regular vehicle maintenance and complete repairs as required

8 fleet vehicles inspected as required based on mileage and maintained for optimal performance & efficiency

Establish policy that vehicles cannot idle for more than 1 minute.

Include criteria for low fuel consumption, electric/hybrid vehicles in procurement process for new vehicles

Install electric vehicle charging stations at Administrative Office and Campgrounds

Upgrade technology to facilitate remote work and promote paperless / digital processes

Laptop computers, VOIP, and VPN issued for all staff to facilitate remote work options.

Adoption of paperless practices including online forms for Hunting Permits, Property Inquiries, and Applications for Clean Water Act Notices.

Update policies to facilitate remote work and meetings

Work From Home Policy and Agreements adopted

Incorporate climate change considerations into Conservation Land Management and Operating Plans

Complete energy and waste audits for operations and facilities and prioritize recommendations for implementation

Greenhouse Gas Inventory completed including waste and energy use audits for Otonabee Conservation properties

Adopt energy efficient design principles for any building renovation or replacement

Ensure Conservation Lands are actively managed to maintain a healthy forest

Implement tree planting activities

1980 trees planted on 6 properties
Over 11,000 trees sold through Tree Seedling Sales Program

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GOAL 4 | Implement

Complete annual review and update of Climate Change Strategy and Actions

New Climate Change Strategy published in 2021

Develop targets and milestones to facilitate implementation

Report annually

First Climate Change Strategy Report Card published Spring 2022

Calculate organizational carbon footprint

Calculate impacts of actions to quantify reduction

Include climate change in updated Strategic Plan

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