Spring Water Awareness

In 2022, the Spring Water Awareness Program (SWAP) will be delivered virtually to schools throughout the watershed. It is designed to help children understand and recognize the dangers around creeks, streams, and rivers during the spring season.

Fast flowing, cold, deep water, slippery streambanks and unsafe ice present real dangers that should be avoided. Children are urged to stay away and stay safe from the dangers around dams and watercourses.

Digital resources are available under ‘Downloads’ on the right. Schools are invited to access them for use in their classroom or as part of virtual school learning. Parents are also encouraged to download the SWAP Activity booklet.

The program is supported by Ontario Power Generation.

The Spring Water Awareness Program is free of charge and is offered during February, March, and April of each school year. For more information about the program, please contact us at swap@otonabeeconservation.com

Ridpath Grade 4-4