Repairs to Jackson Creek Trail

If you visit the Jackson Creek Trail, you may notice washouts along the trail and near some of the bridges. We have fenced some of these areas to keep visitors safe while accessing the trail.

Most of the washouts and erosion along Jackson Creek Trail have been caused by the creation of side paths. Over time, regular use of these side paths causes wear and tear and when you add the spring runoff, channels and washouts form along the sides of the main trail.

There are also a few areas along the trail and bridges where washouts have formed from stream bank erosion and drainage issues.

Design work has commenced for the rehabilitation of these areas.

We are currently working to secure funding to undertake repairs and upgrades to this recreational trail infrastructure. The timeline for completion is based on when we can obtain funding to support a significant portion of the project costs.

In the meantime, we welcome visitors to enjoy the trail. We kindly ask you to stick to the main trail and avoid taking side paths where erosion and drainage issues have developed.

If you wish to help support repairs to the Jackson Creek Trail, please visit our donation page. We are grateful for your contributions that help make our work possible!