Response to Proposed Regulations

Otonabee Conservation has submitted comments in response to Phase 1 of the Regulatory Proposals under the Conservation Authorities Act

The proposed regulations were released in May 2021. They come after changes were made to the Conservation Authorities Act in 2019 under Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice Act, adding new categories of programs and services for Conservation Authorities.

The proposed amendments provide Authorities with a description of mandatory, municipal, and other programs and services, that were previously referenced in the Act, but not yet defined until now. These descriptions are intended to provide municipalities in each Authority’s jurisdiction with the opportunity to opt in or out of ‘non-mandatory’ programs and services.

“Our board sees great value in the programs and services offered in our watershed,” explains Otonabee Conservation Board Chair, Andy Mitchell, “We have therefore provided recommendations to the Province based on our longstanding success in protecting people and property from natural hazards and conserving natural resources.”

Otonabee Conservation’s submission made thirteen recommendations to the Province. The four main points from the summary of the letter include:

  • Some enhancements are needed to better fulfill the government’s commitment to conserving natural resources.
  • There is some risk that Conservation Authority funding, through the proposed division of mandatory and non-mandatory programs, may be impacted and limit an Authority’s ability to fully address public safety and dam safety risks in accordance with various regulatory requirements.
  • The regulatory proposals introduce many new requirements that can not be reasonably delivered within a short time frame; a phase-in approach to implementation is required.
  • Some of the new requirements will require new funding; the impact of this can in part be mitigated through a phase-in approach to implementation.

For more information, read Otonabee Conservation’s full submission including the list of all recommendations put forth.

For more information contact:
Dan Marinigh | CAO/Secretary-Treasurer
Otonabee Conservation | 705-745-5791 Ext. 222