Safety in the woods during hunting season

Otonabee Conservation allows hunting on eight of its properties. It is important to note that during hunting season, many of our properties are still multi-use.

Hunters must possess a valid Otonabee Conservation Hunting Permit to hunt on Otonabee Conservation Lands. Click here to apply for and submit a Hunting Permit Application Form online…

Hunters should be aware that hikers and birdwatchers may be using these natural areas for recreation and be prepared to share the forest. Hikers and birdwatchers should be aware of our local hunting seasons and be prepared to walk safely in the woods.

How can hikers and birdwatchers safely access the woods during hunting season?

  • Wear a bright coloured jacket and/or hat, and be especially careful at dawn or dusk, when colours such as red and green appear brown.
  • Avoid wearing white, especially white mittens or hats. These can resemble a deer’s tail through the trees.
  • If you take your dog with you, consider putting something brightly coloured on them, or attach a bell to their collar. Note that pets must always be leashed on our properties.

How do hunters safely access the woods during hunting season?

  • Be aware that you are sharing the woods with other hunters, hikers, bird watchers, and recreationists.
  • Hunters must wear solid orange clothing above the waist and wear an orange cap.
  • Hunters must never shoot unless they are absolutely sure of their target and what is beyond it
  • Camping/temporary camps and motorized vehicles are not permitted on any of our properties.

For more information about safety in the woods during hunting season, please read: MNRF Fact Sheet | Safety in the Woods

If you see vandals, or visitors who are not following the above rules, please first call Peterborough OPP at 705-742-0401 and also notify Otonabee Conservation by calling 705-745-5791.