Spring dam operations and warning boom installation

Peterborough, Ontario (May 8, 2020) Otonabee Conservation staff are currently conducting dam operations including the placement of stop-logs into the dam and the installment of warning booms upstream of Authority-owned dams.

At the Millbrook Dam, a yellow warning boom acts like a ‘floating fence’ to warn paddlers, anglers, and boaters to stay away due to the dangers of water flows.

Warning booms act like ‘floating fences’ that warn paddlers, anglers, and boaters to stay away. They are installed each spring and then removed in the fall before winter freeze-up. This is one of many public safety measures developed to reduce the risk for people who enjoy water activities on local reservoirs and waterways. This is particularly essential in reducing potential risk to the public, as the hazards around dams can be serious and if ignored, could include serious injury or death.

In addition, land-based signs warn boaters of the dam ahead, and there are also signs mounted on the dams themselves that warn of dam inflow and outflow.

Dam operations are currently underway, although the schedule may change due to weather conditions. The affected dams include the following:

  • Warsaw Dam (Warsaw)
  • Lang Mill Dam (Lang)
  • Hope Mill Dam (Lang)
  • Millbrook Dam (Millbrook)

The water around dams can look peaceful, but the area upstream and downstream is more dangerous than it appears. Water surges over the stop logs of the dam, creating strong undertows and currents around the dam. The most serious danger is that the water pressure can pin a body below the water for an extended period of time. Otonabee Conservation urges the public to respect the warning booms and signs and to stay away from the dams.

For more information contact:

Dan Marinigh | CAO
Otonabee Conservation
dmarinigh@otonabeeconservation.com | 705-745-5791 ext. 222