Step Into Nature Nearby

Otonabee Conservation is excited to provide a list of educational resources for families to stay connected with nature while staying safe!

The Roberta Bondar Photography Challenge

The Bondar Challenge is running virtually this year! If your kids love photography and nature, then The Bondar Challenge is for them. Register today, OR try some photo ops on your own. Otonabee Conservation has developed some ‘Photo-Op’ challenges to find at our Conservation Areas. Grab a camera and head out to a Conservation Area today! Click on the ‘Take the photo challenge’ button above to connect with our downloadable Photo-Ops.

Otonabee Conservation’s Map APP’

This exciting interactive map is your guide to 11 conservation and wildlife areas throughout the Otonabee Region watershed. Tour the Otonabee Region watershed and discover unique natural features and special places nearby. At this time, our Conservation Areas can be used for walking, hiking, dog walking (on leash), and passive use only. Please review our rules for physical distancing before heading out to any Conservation Area…

60 Fun Things To Do

Conservation Areas are just steps away from your front door and offer unique outdoor experiences. Whether you want to enjoy a hike through the woods, take your family camping, have a quiet picnic, or catch ‘the big one’ at a popular fishing spot, this 60 Things to Do is your guide.

Environmental Ed at Ontario’s Conservation Authorities

Did you know that Conservation Authorities operate 38 interpretive centres?

There’s an abundance of free and interesting online nature appreciation content from the outdoor education teams at Ontario’s Conservation Authorities. Learn about what’s happening across all of Ontario’s watersheds. Great for people of all ages.

Pathway to Stewardship & Kinship

Good News Alert! The Ontario Trillium Foundation has approved funding for a three year expansion of the Pathway Project! The pathway project promotes and supports healthy childhood development, community connection, and environmental stewardship through building an early and ongoing relationship with nature. Check out activity ideas and landmarks that are age-specific from birth to Grade 12.

Jacob’s Nature Notes

Camp Kawartha’s Executive Director, Jacob Rodenburg, explores nature and shares activities that you can try with your families at home. Learn about Chickadees, bird nests, eggs, and more! There are many activities listed, and you can even dive into some online cooking classes with ‘Recipes from the Camp Kawartha Kitchen.’

Nature Watch

Do you like to explore and examine the natural world?
Want to be a citizen scientist?
Are you interested in joining researchers and nature enthusiasts from across Canada in tracking rapid changes in our natural environment?

NatureWatch is your home page for fun, easy-to-use environmental monitoring programs that encourage you to learn about the environment while gathering the information that scientists need to monitor and protect it. NatureWatch monitoring programs are suitable for all levels and interests. They are designed to develop your scientific observation and data collection skills so that you can actively contribute to scientific understanding of Canada’s environment.

Urban Biokit 

The Urban BioKit, developed by Environment Canada encourages participants to discover biodiversity in Canadian cities in a completely different way. Through its pages, you will explore the sights, sounds and smells as well as the various species that can be found in your neighbourhood! You can even evaluate your neighbourhood’s biodiversity using a diagnostic tool.

Wonders of Water (WOW)

The Wonders of Water program presents H20 to Go!

You’ll find find water education activities for download. Families can enjoy activities at home. Additional activities are being modified for at-home enjoyment and will be added as they are developed, so check back often.

And for a bit more excitement, check out the GreenUP YouTube channel for additional resources via video!

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

The OTCC is offering a series of videos weekly on their Facebook page, which are filled with information on Ontario’s turtles! Also, you can submit a question or topic of interest through Facebook Messenger and the OTTC will connect with you!

Ducks Unlimited

Interested in exploring wetlands, like ponds and marshes, with your kids or students?
Want learn about wetlands and wildlife through fun indoor and outdoor activities?
Ducks Unlimited Canada offers a variety of award-winning education activities to engage youth and empower them to make a difference in their own communities. Check out the online resources and activities to educate young people about wetlands, conservation, and what you can do to help.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s resources are developed collaboratively with a focus on both science and education.  Resources include games, activities and more.  Whether your goal is to learn yourself or to help educate others, CWF resources are available to help inspire you to take action in support of Canadian species and wild spaces.

Forests Ontario 

Forests Ontario has a number of education program and resources available on their website including Focus on Forests, TD Tree Bee and Envirothon.

  • Focus on Forests is a free, online resource for Grades 1-12 
  • TD Tree Bee is a tree identification and forest conservation competition for students in grades 4-6
  • Envirothon provides webinars on various topics including climate change, agriculture, pollinators and more for youth from grades 9-12

In The Zone

Take the first step to creating an ecosystem in your yard by planting a tree, a patch of milkweed, or growing an entire garden! You’ll be offering food and shelter to a diversity of bees, caterpillars, butterflies, and birds. Explore strategies for transforming your garden for native wildlife. Check out In The Zone Gardens for ideas and species lists.

Canadian Geographic

Visit Canadian Geographic Education’s brand new Online Classroom. Every week, new activities and resources will be shared to make learning from home, or teaching at a distance, easy and fun.
Visit regularly to see what’s been added, and stay in touch by joining the ever-growing community of teachers, parents, and students. 

International Space Station (ISS)

Watch the International Space Station pass overhead. It is the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up. Visible to the naked eye, it looks like a fast-moving plane only much higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster!

Kawartha Land Trust

Kawartha Land Trust brings you virtual tours of some of their properties via their YouTube Channel. Guided tours of their properties include stunning aerial views of the land, calming music, and nature interpretation.