Low Water Status remains as ‘Normal’

The Otonabee Region Low Water Response Team met on July 18th to review the Region’s precipitation, temperature, and stream flow monitoring data. Watershed conditions show that the area is not in a drought condition at this time and therefore the low water status will remain as, normal. Otonabee Conservation’s ongoing monthly analysis of watershed conditions… Read More >

Level 1 Low Water Ends | Oct. 8, 2021

The Otonabee Region Water Response Team (WRT) has lifted the Level 1 Low Water condition that was reinstated last month. The Region received abundant precipitation and low transpiration/evaporation rates this September which resulted in increased surface water flows to levels well-above their historical monthly averages. This has alleviated previous concerns that surface waters were under… Read More >

Level 1 Drought | Sept. 10, 2021

Level 1 Low Water Condition has been reinstated in the Otonabee Region watershed Peterborough, Ontario (September 10, 2021) The Otonabee Region Water Response Team (WRT) has reinstated a Level 1 Low Water condition for the Otonabee Region watershed. Improved water levels and flows that resulted from abundant and frequent rainfall in July had lifted the… Read More >