Take the O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge

At the October 21, 2021 board meeting, the Otonabee Conservation Board of Directors passed a motion to adopt the O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge as an organization and to promote it to our watershed residents and Conservation Area visitors. Join us and take the Pledge today!

The O’de Piitaanemaan (Oh-da Pee-tah-na-mawn) Pledge was created from a collaboration between the Curve Lake First Nation, Hiawatha First Nation, and Peterborough-Kawarthas Tourism.

O’de Piitaanemaan is the Ojibway word for, respect.

The O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge draws on the teachings of the Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg, representing a universal and evergreen value of respect that serves to unify everyone from who lives in the Peterborough and Kawartha’s Region. The pledge is about respect for the land, water, and each other and those who come after us.

We encourage watershed residents, visitors to our Conservation Areas, our community partners, board, and staff to take The O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge today!