Tree Removal Along Jackson Creek

Otonabee Conservation will be removing a select number of trees that are causing interference with the operation of a hydrometeorological monitoring station on Jackson Creek. The work is scheduled to begin Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

“The hydrometeorological station provides data and information about precipitation, streamflow and water levels within the Jackson Creek subwatershed,” explains Dan Marinigh, Chief Administrative Officer for Otonabee Conservation. “This data and information is critical to our watershed management program, specifically in the forecasting of high water levels and early warning of floods as well as the monitoring of low water and drought conditions.”

Otonabee Conservation has been issued a permit to undertake the vegetation management operation in accordance with the City of Peterborough’s Tree and Woodland Conservation By-law. Logan Tree Experts has been contracted to do the work. The work will be completed on or before October 19, 2018.

“The second part of this project is the planting of 52 new trees to replace those that have been removed, adhering to the City’s requirement to help conserve the urban forest,” says Marinigh. “A mix of Eastern White Cedar and Poplar will be planted with the help of local highschool students. The planting project will be completed by the end of October.”

Otonabee Conservation says that while the tree removal work will not interfere with the recreational use of the Jackson Creek Trail, trail users should exercise caution while the work is being done.

Tree Removal along Jackson Creek Fact Sheet