Virtual Bondar Challenge 2021

Virtual Roberta Bondar Photography Challenge Summer Camp: Brought to you by Riverview Park & Zoo and Otonabee Conservation

Attention Parents! Does your youth like photography? Do they enjoy nature? Are they eager to exercise their skills while learning outdoors? We have the perfect opportunity for you! The Riverview Park & Zoo (RPZ) and Otonabee Conservation are pleased to announce that we have teamed up again to bring you the Virtual Bondar Photography Challenge Summer Camp during July and August 2021.

The Bondar Challenge, developed by The Roberta Bondar Foundation, teaches youth about their natural environment through the art of photography. Over the course of twelve days, participants will learn a variety of photography techniques, ranging from basic to advanced, through the Google Classroom on-line forum. Participants will then have the opportunity to apply these skills as they explore the scenic environments in their own backyard, neighbourhood, on local trails, in parks, or conservation areas with their friends and family.

A series of weekly challenges encourages participants to spend time outside capturing the beauty within their local environment. At the end of this program, participants will choose their best photograph for submission to The Roberta Bondar Foundation. A panel of judges will evaluate photographs submitted by youth from across Canada, to select winning photographs for the summer of 2021. Winners will have their photograph featured on The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s website and will be awarded a variety of prizes.

“Last year’s camp competitors swept the Ruby Category in the National Photography Challenge, we are extremely proud of those young people for their brilliant work. It is hard to believe these artists are under 15 years of age!” says Taylor Bartlett, Camp Counsellor/Educator. You can find 2020 camp winner’s photos on the national website.

This year our on-line format for the Bondar Challenge Summer Camp will keep kids active and safe. This summer camp program can be completed over the course of 12 days includes approximately 3 hours of computer time and 3 to 6 hours of outdoor photography and exploring nature on your own schedule.

Registration for the Bondar Challenge Virtual Summer Camp Program is now open. To register for one of the 2 sessions being offered, visit the Riverview Park and Zoo website or call at 705-748-9301 ex: 2304, available 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.

For more info or questions:

Cathy Mitchell
Program Supervisor, Riverview Park and Zoo
705-748-9301 x 2304