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1,577 trees and shrubs planted in 2023

Otonabee Conservation wrapped up the fall tree planting season with some fantastic numbers!

This year, Otonabee Conservation held tree planting events at seven sites throughout the watershed, putting 1,577 native trees and shrubs in the ground. Additionally, 100 herbaceous plants were added at several locations to attract pollinators, naturalize shorelines, and increase biodiversity. In total, Otonabee Conservation’s plantings engaged 526 students and volunteers from across the region.

Planting trees is as an effective way to mitigate climate change by removing atmospheric CO2 from the air. Working with landowners and partners to plant trees is a great way for us to work together to build natural resilience in our watershed.

Janette Loveys Smith, CAO, Otonabee Conservation

When trees are first planted, a large amount of the tree’s annual CO2 exchange goes into growing woody biomass. As a tree grows, it continues to sequester Carbon through its annual growth rings, along with a smaller proportion that is drawn from leaf litter and becomes incorporated into the soil below the tree each fall.

According to Tree Canada calculations, the average Canadian tree sequesters about 200-225 kg of Carbon over an 80-year period. For this year’s plantings, this equates to 3.5 million kg of Carbon sequestered in our watershed region over the lifespan of these trees.

Trees are beneficial for many reasons. They clean the air, help stabilize soils, increase the value of property, create habitat, and improve human health.

For more information contact:

Meredith Carter | Manager, Watershed Management Program
Otonabee Conservation | 705-745-5791 x223

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