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Preparing Your Site Plan and Cross-Section

The following information is provided as a guide only. Pre-consultation with ORCA staff is strongly recommended prior to submitting a permit application.

Structures (new or altered)

  • Identify elevation of the lowest opening (e.g. window, door sill) of the proposed structure or the elevation change from the lowest opening to the current water level (shoreline properties only).
  • Dimensions of any proposed structure
  • Location of any existing structures
  • Distances from at least two property boundaries and other natural features (e.g. watercourse)
  • Cross-section of the proposed structure showing existing grade and finished grade

  • Location of all areas of proposed fill placement and/or removal and the limits of disturbance
  • Dimensions of the proposed fill area and the depth of fill required
  • Description of proposed fill (e.g. crushed stone)
  • Cross-section of the proposed fill area showing depth(s), side slopes, before and after elevations

  • Distances from at least two property boundaries or other natural features (e.g. watercourse)
  • Description of proposed material (e.g. crushed stone)
  • If proposed construction is not at grade, show proposed depth and limits of fill
  • Location, length, diameter, type, and elevations for any proposed culvert(s)

  • Location of any watercourses, ditches, drainage features, wetlands, forested areas, or any steep slopes

  • Location and type of measures proposed, installation details, and site re-vegetation plan

Additional information that may be required includes but is not limited to:

  • copy of a legal survey
  • Professionally prepared topographic survey, Lot Grading/Drainage Plan
  • Flood Plain Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Study, Planting, or Vegetation Plan
  • Stormwater Management Plan or Sediment and Erosion Control Plan
  • Slope Stability/Erosion Study

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