Environmental Excellence Awards

The Otonabee Conservation Environmental Excellence Awards recognize the outstanding people and groups within our watershed who have demonstrated the advancement of watershed health through projects on the landscape and actions that contribute to a healthier environment for everyone.

Each year, the Environmental Excellence Awards are presented at the Otonabee Conservation Annual General Meeting. The Awards recognize actions to protect and promote a healthy watershed, profile the work undertaken on the ground by individuals, communities, and organizations, and aim to inspire others to become actively involved in watershed health.

Award categories emphasize the people, groups, and agencies/companies who are contributing to watershed excellence, as a means of setting an example and inspiring others to take environmental action. This approach allows us to also recognize and highlight a wide range of projects that contribute to watershed health, including innovations that the organizers of these awards had not previously conceived.

Individual Conservationist Award

Recognizing outstanding people who have undertaken projects, demonstrated leadership, and inspired others to create a healthier watershed.

Environmental Stewardship Award

Recognizing community or organized groups that have successfully undertaken projects that contribute to a healthier watershed. Groups are volunteer-based, and include multiple individuals who are not paid for their efforts; the groups may or may not be incorporated.

Conservation Partnership Award

Recognizing an individual municipal employee having made a significant, positive contribution to furthering the objectives of Otonabee Conservation in one or more areas of the Authority’s operations.

Business Award

Recognizing a business that has made a significant contribution(s) to projects or programs at Otonabee Conservation, advancing our vision of a healthy watershed. The businesses have employees who are paid for their efforts.