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Board and Governance

Otonabee Conservation is accountable to its watershed residents through our Board of Directors. Board members are representatives appointed from each of our member municipality's elected Councils. Governance by elected local decision makers is key to our work addressing local issues and priorities.

Working With Our Member Municipalities

The Otonabee Conservation Board of Directors is comprised of 11 members representing the 8 municipalities located either entirely, or partly, within the Otonabee Region watershed.

Under the new Ontario Regulation 686/21 Conservation Authorities are required to break out the services that are provided into three Categories:

  • Category 1 – Mandatory Services 
  • Category 2 – Municipally Requested Services
  • Category 3 – Conservation Authority Initiatives

We have Service Agreements signed for Plan Review (Category 1) with each of our municipalities.

The legislation also requires that a Cost Apportioning Agreement be in place when Category 3 Programs and Services are funded by municipal levy within a municipality. The Cost Apportioning Agreement allows for greater transparency and cost assurance for municipalities. 

Included under Category 3 Programs and Services are our Local Water Monitoring Program, Climate Change Initiatives, and Land Stewardship Services.

Member Municipalities, Board of Directors, and Agreements

Michael Metcalf 
Chair, Board of Directors

Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Trent Hills
705-632-9305 (Cell)


Cost Apportioning Agreement

Kevin Duguay
Vice Chair

Councillor, Otonabee Ward, City of Peterborough
705-933-4637 (Cell)

Don Vassiliadis
Board Member

Councillor, Monaghan Ward, City of Peterborough
705-742-7777 x 4619 (City)

Gary Baldwin
Board Member

Councillor, Ashburnham Ward, City of Peterborough
705-760-1428 (Cell)





Cost Apportioning Agreement

Ron Black
Board Member

Deputy Mayor, Selwyn Township
705-933-6517 (Cell)

John Boyko
Board Member

Councillor, Lakefield Ward, Selwyn Township
705-313-6890 (Cell)


Cost Apportioning Agreement

Adam Vervoort
Board Member

Councillor, Dummer Ward, Township of Douro-Dummer
519-317-6573 (Cell)


Cost Apportioning Agreement

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of each month at 4:00pm unless otherwise posted. Agendas, reports, minutes, and meeting links are posted on our Board and Governance Calendar.

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Agendas and reports are available one week before the meeting. Meeting minutes are posted within 30 days of each meeting, and once approved by the Board.

Virtual Board meetings are streamed via YouTube. Members of the public are welcome at all in-person meetings.

Members of the public are welcome to speak to the Board of Directors.

Upcoming Meetings

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