About Us


A healthy natural environment where communities thrive


To be a leader in the Otonabee Region watershed for the conservation, protection, and enhancement of a healthy, natural environment

Otonabee Conservation is a locally-focused, community-based environmental agency that protects, restores, and manages the natural resources within the Otonabee Region watershed. We work with our eight member municipalities to create a healthy, environmentally diverse watershed that improves the quality of life for residents, makes our area more appealing to visitors and new business, and helps to ensure a more vibrant regional economy.

Otonabee Conservation was established in 1959 in accordance with the Conservation Authorities Act R.S.O.1990, Chapter C.27. The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors, representative of the local municipalities and is supported by a professional staff of 17.

We are one of 36 conservation authorities serving watershed areas throughout Ontario and is a member of Conservation Ontario. Conservation Authorities across the province protect the environment on a watershed basis. Our land and water resources are connected and impact each other, so managing these resources on a watershed basis is recognized as the best way to protect the environment.

Program Direction

Otonabee Conservation delivers programs and services that support the sustainability of the environment, within the physical and economic context of the watershed and in consideration of the social, cultural, and economic aspirations of our residents.

We work closely with our member municipalities, watershed residents, and many partnership agencies to achieve program outcomes that balance a diversity of needs and local conservation priorities.


Conservation Authorities receive funds in part through a tax levy on the municipalities within the watershed. Funding for projects comes from provincial and federal government grants, and from partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals. Conservation Authorities are also registered charities.

Conservation Ontario

Conservation Ontario Logo

Otonabee Conservation is a member of Conservation Ontario, the umbrella organization that represents Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities.  Conservation Ontario supports the network of Conservation Authorities by raising awareness of the network at the community and provincial levels.  Conservation Ontario also works to build relationships and influence decision makers as it relates to the development and expansion of the Conservation Authority program