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Climate Change Strategy

Climate Action

Climate change is one of our most pressing issues. Its impacts are being felt globally due to forest fires, flooding, drought, disease, famine, and extreme weather. These have created environmental, social, economic, and public health challenges.

Locally, vulnerable populations such as seniors and those experiencing homelessness are at greater risk. Extreme temperatures and food insecurity are becoming more prevalent as prices increase due to crop damage and the need for irrigation. New threats like Lyme disease are also becoming more common. Many people are looking for ways to reduce their impact to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Otonabee Conservation recognizes the importance of responding to climate change. Our Climate Change Strategy is a step towards reducing our carbon footprint and identifying tangible actions that will translate to positive results to mitigate our impact.

Our Climate Change Strategy identifies:

  • The actions we will undertake
  • How we will track our results
  • The ways we will support the community to address climate change through adaptation and mitigation

These first steps demonstrate our commitment to take climate-related action related and contribute to a resilient watershed community.

About the Climate Change Strategy

The Climate Change Strategy includes four goals to guide our efforts: Educate, Adapt, Mitigate, and Implement.

Each goal identifies objectives and a series of specific actions that we will undertake to implement the strategy. 

We also identify targets to measure our progress, and to document our implementation of the strategy. We will measure our progress regularly in a Report Card format and share with the watershed community.

Goal 1 - Educate

Increasing the watershed community’s understanding of how climate change impacts the watershed’s natural environment.

Goal 2 - Adapt

Actions taken in response to actual or projected climate change impacts, which reduce the effects of climate change on built, natural, and social systems.

Goal 3 - Mitigate

Efforts to lower or prevent the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, including reducing sources of emissions and implementing measures that enhance the storage or sequestration of Carbon.

Goal 4 - Implement

The process of putting a plan into action including a process to measure the progress of implementation, and the effectiveness of the actions to ensure the strategy is successful.

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