Volunteer and Placement Opportunities

We welcome the involvement of volunteers, and their contributions have always been a valued part of the success of Otonabee Conservation.  If you want to join us as we work to protect and improve the environment, check the volunteer opportunities on this page and be sure to read our Volunteer Involvement Policy which sets out a clear and consistent approach to engaging and supporting volunteers. The Volunteer Application Form should be printed, signed and submitted to us by email, fax or regular mail.

Otonabee Conservation also welcomes the involvement of students through education placements and community involvement activities. The Student Education Placement Policy describes the types of placements that Otonabee Conservation may participate in through secondary and postsecondary opportunities. If you are interested in an education placement, be sure to talk to your guidance counselor, student advisor or professor and contact our office to discuss the opportunity.

Willow Staking