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93 trees planted at Heritage Park in City of Peterborough

Nefab Canada and Otonabee Conservation enhance habitat at Heritage Park in City of Peterborough

On October 19, Nefab Canada and Otonabee Conservation employees planted native trees and shrubs at Heritage Park in the City of Peterborough. Heritage Park, in the City’s north end, now features 93 newly planted native trees and shrubs that will help enhance the park alongside a new play structure, recreational facilities, and accessible walkways that were revealed by the City this summer.

This project is part of ongoing efforts to increase biodiversity in the City of Peterborough. Native species including tamarack, red osier dogwood, fragrant sumac, ninebark, nannyberry, and staghorn sumac will enhance habitat for local wildlife, create shade, beautify the surroundings, and help to reduce impacts of climate change.

Nefab Canada reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by once again teaming up with Otonabee Conservation to plant trees near our Peterborough, Ontario facility. This initiative not only aligns with our employees’ passion for environmental causes but also underscores our steadfast commitment to preserving and enhancing the environment and the communities we operate in. Together, we aspire to make a meaningful, enduring impact on our local community.

Manmohan Chahal, Managing Director of Nefab Canada.

“Planting trees helps us with our local climate change mitigation efforts by regulating temperatures, stabilizing the ground preventing erosion, and reducing stormwater runoff and flooding,” shares Otonabee Conservation’s CAO, Janette Loveys Smith, “We are pleased to partner with Nefab, who have generously given their time, provided funding, and the people-power needed to plant trees and help us undertake another impactful stewardship project in the City of Peterborough.”

Trees capture carbon dioxide sequestering millions of kg of Carbon over their lifespan. 93 trees planted at Heritage Park on October 19, 2023 will sequester approximately 20,000 kg of Carbon over their lifetime.

For further information, please contact:
Meredith Carter
Manager, Watershed Management Program | Otonabee Conservation
705-745-5791 ext. 223 |

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