Please review our COVID-19 FAQs that will help you prepare for your visit to our Conservation Areas during the pandemic.

Otonabee Conservation allows hunting on eight of its properties. Depending on the property, you may hunt for waterfowl, white-tailed deer, black bear, turkey and small game.

Please be advised that wheeled motorized land vehicles (i.e. ATV), drones, trail cameras and the construction of deer stands and hunt camps (temporary or otherwise) are strictly prohibited. Additional restrictions apply to some properties where hunting is allowed. Hunting opportunities and applicable restrictions are noted below and provided as a downloadable fact sheet.

Licences and Permits

Hunters must possess a valid Otonabee Conservation Hunting Permit to hunt on Otonabee Conservation Lands. You may apply for and submit a Hunting Permit Application Form online.

Hunters must also possess a valid hunting licence from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Hunters must also be a member of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. This membership includes insurance coverage, which is required to hunt on Otonabee Conservation designated hunting properties.

Submitting your Hunting Permit Application Online

Please complete the Hunting Permit Application Form, by clicking on the blue button above. You will be required to attach front and back images of your Ontario Outdoors card and OFAH membership card with the application. Please have these available before commencing with the online application form.

Once we receive your online form submission, we will digitally sign your Otonabee Conservation Hunting Permit and return it to you. Please carry this permit with you at all times while hunting on our properties. Thank you.

Photo of a deer on path

Hunting Opportunities on Designated Lands and Applicable Restrictions

Birdsall Wildlife Area

Restrictions: Waterfowl only along the shore of Rice Lake; Archery hunting for White-tailed Deer in Otonabee Ward only.

Cavan Swamp Wildlife Area

Restrictions: No hunting on Part Lot 21 and Part Lot 23, Concession 12, Cavan Ward.

Darling Wildlife Area

Restrictions: Hunting is restricted to waterfowl, game birds, small game and White-tailed deer only.

Douro Forest Block

Restrictions:  Firearms are restricted to shotguns and archery only; No hunting with dogs; No hunting in the designated No Hunting Areas described as the first 100 metres south of the private residences located along Birchview Road and the first 25 metres in from both the east and south boundary; Access to the Douro Forest Block for hunting is restricted to the Unopened Road Allowance located in the northwest corner of the property, south off Birchview Road

Dummer Wildlife Area

Restrictions: None

Otonabee Conservation Agreement Forest

(includes the Oatbox, White Lake West, White Lake, Dummer East and hydroline Ridge Forests)

Restrictions: None

Sawer Creek Wildlife Area

Restrictions: None
Please note that there is no parking or access to Sawer Creek Wildlife Area from the Douro 1st Line. 

Click on the image below to view the entire map.

Squirrel Creek Conservation Area

Restrictions: Waterfowl only along the south shoreline of the property