Property Inquiry

Want to know if your property is regulated by us or if your property is affected by natural hazards?

Have you been told to contact us when submitting a Building Permit Application?

The first step is to fill out a Property Inquiry Form.

Use the form below as your first point of contact if you are looking to:

  • Find out whether a property you wish to purchase, sell, or list is regulated
  • Get a map of your property that shows regulated areas and hazards (i.e. floodplains and wetlands)
  • Carry out additional or new development on a property you wish to purchase
  • Build a new home on a vacant lot
  • Add a building or structure to an already developed lot
  • Fix erosion issues on your shoreline
  • Install an entrance or install a culvert in a watercourse
  • Make a complaint about work or an activity occurring in the watershed
  • Inquire about another issue that you would like information or feedback on

NOTE: Submitting a Property Inquiry Form will ensure your inquiry is received and responded to in a timely manner. Emails to individual staff are not recommended at this time.

We are experiencing a high number of inquiries. Once you have submitted your online Property Inquiry Form, you will be placed in the queue and will be contacted by one of our staff with next steps (5 to 7 business days). Thank you for your patience.

Property Inquiry Form